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Google Slides Slider in Google Sites Classic

Google Sites Slider - Easier than it looks.

What you will need
  • Template - 960x400 Seowebpower Google Slides Slider Template
  • Widget - Morri's Code Wrapper
  • CSS Fix - Slider Embed Border Fix
Step 1
  1. Download Template Image Here
  2. Create a Google Slides Presentation in Google Drive
  3. Insert > Image > Template Image Downloaded
  4. Add Content (Make sure images align to crop marks)
  5. Once Done - File > Publish to the web > Start Publishing > (pop up window) OK > 
  6. Presentation Size: Custom (962x570) and Set Speed
  7. Open New Window (Leave Current Open)
Step 2
  1. Go to Widget Site - Mori79 Code Wrapper
  2. Find Mori79's Code Wrapper and Copy URL
  3. Go to Google Sites Website
  4. Insert > More Gadgets > Add Gadget by URL > Paste Morri's Code Wrapper URL
  5. Copy and Paste Google Sites Slides Presentation Slider Fix into Morri's Code Wrapper Embed Code Area
  6. Copy Embed Code from Google Slides (Step 1-5)
  7. Paste Embed Code in Mori79 Code Wrappe Embed Code Area
  8. Set Width to 960 pixels and height 400 pixels, un-check boxes below and Click OK
  9. Save the Google Sites Page
  10. Done
Having problems? Watch the YouTube Video Tutorial


With Mori79 Code Wrapper + CSS Fix